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Modification and cancellations doubts

Hi! I have several questions. How many times can a buyer ask for a modification? Is there any limit? What happens when a buyer ask for a cancellation? Is the decision up to the seller or what does it depend on? Is there any risk of losing the money as a seller once the order is delievered?
Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi - welcome to the forum.

You seem to have revisions set at 3 for the premium packages you offer. You have to give them up to as many revisions as you offer, whether or not the order is marked complete. Unfair, but there you are.

Define what you mean by revision in the gig description or faq. Major changes are not a revision and so, charge for them as an extra.

If the buyer asks for a cancellation, you do not have to agree. Try to get something sorted out with them. Or if that doesn’t work, ask CS - they’ll usually help.

sigh sometimes buyers make a chargeback through paypal after delivery. If that happens, contact CS - they may rimburse you.

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