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Modification on gigs with little information


This has happened to me quite a bit, and I don’t know if it is something I can really help or not. I ask buyers for information containing to their needs. I voice act so obviously I need scripts, voice type, ect, ect… But for some reason even though I follow their instructions they still come back wanting me to redo everything saying I didn’t use the proper emotion. This is usually for very simple projects, poem readings, short sentences, gigs that really don’t specify emotion…

What is even worse is when they say they want it read at a slow pace, soft, articulated, ect… How can I accommodate these kind of customers who don’t really seem to know what they want? It isn’t that big of a deal, until you put into the account that you have other gigs that still need your attention but you can’t do them because a modification needs your attention right away.

Is it better to cut your lose? Risk getting a negative review (I’ve actually had nightmares about bad reviews >.<) I want to be able to deliver what the customer wants the first time and I always feel confident that I do so when I see that someone wants a modification it really brings me down. How can I try to avoid this in the future…


If I was you, I’d add something in my description asking them to include certain specifics in their instructions, like tone of voice, emotion, speed, volume, etc. Put it right at the top as a NOTICE: To ensure you receive exactly what you need…

I’d say put it in your directions, but there really isn’t enough room there.


Reply to @dsaldridge: That was actually my issue… I did shorten my directions due to the short room allowed, I always go back through and ask them what they are looking for if I was confused or unsure, but even that doesn’t seem to correct the issue. I am going to retry my directions and possibly do as you say and put the instructions in my description as well. Thanks!


Reply to @kjblynx: I wouldn’t want to lie about the modification button, I am true to my word if someone doesn’t like my work I will always go back in fix it… I usually only give examples if I am completely unsure of what the customer wants, but I will assume that it is best to do it for all considering the fact that even if I feel I done everything to their directions it still may not be what they want. I hate doing anything within the last 24 hours. I’ve had to explain to customers that my turn around time is really only 24-48 hours but all my gigs are set to 3 just in case something happens or I do need more information.

I think I will give more examples from now on, as that seems to be a huge time saver (if the client replies quickly enough). Also thank you for all your help, I see you on the forums offering help all the time, and I wish you well with your gigs =)


Reply to @kjblynx: I didn’t realize there were so many errors, so far I haven’t had an issue, but it helps that I am not as busy as those who have reached level 2 or above statues, so I can keep track of all my orders easier because I don’t have as many… I would truly dislike if someone canceled an order just because the modification messed up.