Modification/Rejection affect score?


I’m aware that we are only making guesses as to how Fiverr’s algorithm works, but curious if anybody knows whether having deliveries “rejected” hurts your score with Fiverr?

By score I mean eligibility at becoming Featured, etc… I try very hard to provide great service to possibly be noticed by Fiverr, so I don’t want anything hurting my chances.

Occasionally buyers I work with will use the Request Modification simply to send another file that they were waiting on or for other reasons. They’re not rejecting my work, we had simply agreed to follow up and do something else with the order.

Should I be encouraging them not to do this, and use Messages instead, or will it not hurt my score having modification requests?



What I’ve gathered from my own observations is that the number of request for revisions won’t affect a Seller, but order cancellations and any time CS is involved in your disputes certainly is. Although a revision means some level of profit loss for the Seller, Fiverr’s profit from the order stays intact as long as CS wasn’t involved (btw-Fiverr views CS as a huge operating expense they would like to eliminate). Once you understand and accept that Fiverr’s algorithm is all about Fiverr’s bottom line you can adjust your gigs accordingly and actually make a profit and reach the zenith of TS. You can minimize revisions and eliminate CS involvement if you keep your gig simple/ stupid and adjust your pricing to include your percentage losses. And bear in mind, Fiverr was not modeled for complicated orders; a square peg in a round hole indeed.


I agree totally. All they want to do is automate as much as possible and make more money. The site will get more features soon (sellers paying to appear at the top of results or to be shown as the ‘preferred bidder’) in Buyer Requests but all of this is designed to generate more income for fiverr,not to add any value for buyer or seller.

The future on fiverr looks cloudy.


Don’t be glum, they’re having a big bash on the 15th in NYC where two lucky, lucky sellers will be able to flog their work for free (‘exposure’) to unknown people in attendance.

Yay! Community!


Thanks for the replies. Yep, keeping it simple has certainly worked for me. I don’t like taking complicated gigs via Fiverr. Difficult to communicate, and buyers are usually looking to pay less than it’s worth, but I’ve been doing great with my gigs. I certainly hope Fiverr doesn’t disappear, it makes up a large portion of my income.

This is one of the downfalls of somebody else being “in control” and not having direct access to your clients… But that’s life… Fiverr has provided me with tons of business so for that I am thankful!


It’s good that you appreciate the essence of Fiverr: easy leads.

Caveat venditor/emptor though–if it goes wrong, a nightmare is not far away. If you come from a background of lead gen, it’s not that bad. Although the profits are massively decreased. But the ease more than balances it out for me and many others (ignore the clueless idiots who stalk the forums). CS is generally helpful, so I disagree with @matureactress on a few things/

That said, the corporate side has horrendous ratings and you may want to pause for thought considering that some key employees have jumped ship. But if you’re just here for $5 and easy leads… go for it. There are easier ways. Fiverr wants to lock you down in their ecosystem. Unlike many others, there is no payoff (e.g. $1000 so you can take a trusted repeat b/s offsite and both save money). You will not get a second chance. Fiverr is efficient at weeding out harmful people for their profits and fixing issues where an overworked CS is presented with a glaringly obvious solution. Otherwise, f you.

Do not make (or allow) Fiverr (to be) a large part of your income. It’s not that Fiverr can be unreliable, it’s a freelance sickness. But I guess you already have a handle on that re: control.

Fiverr is a bit like an awful relative you can’t just kick. It remains a useful tool. For fun, read other posts in this forum from the desperate who want advice and realize that’s your competition: non-existent dumbasses who won’t read this because they don’t read.

The algo is gefickt as they say auf Deutsch, btw.


And you’re all invited to my Fiverr NYHQ party tomorrow by the way. It’s just that unlike Bruce, the community can join without doing free stuff for exposure.

I’ll pick this up again tomorrow. It starts sometime in the evening EST. I’m sure the REAL COMMUNITY can outshine the bollocks of the party.

So. Let’s do it.


I feel like there are algorithms we don’t know about, there always areeee haha.
i’m sure delivery time plays a factor even if it’s before the deadline… ie delivering in 2 hours, probably does better for you gig than delivering an hour before it’d due every time. perhaps you’re right about the number of revisions thing, maybe it does effect gig ranking… who knows.
but of course, all speculation-- i’d be curious to know exactly how gigs are ranked in searches! as I’m sure we all do.