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Modification Request I Can't Do

My gig was offering an animation where I put their logo into a 3D animation. I put a video up showing the exact animation I offered. They now asked for a modification, they want me to make something completely different than what I showed.

I could probably manage to do that, but not for $5. That would be a day’s worth of work and clearly not what the gig showed in the video and pictures I showed with the gig.

Sounds like as a seller there isn’t anything I can do. This is just going to end up looking like an unfulfilled order and I will end up with a negative review for work that I did (twice for this guy already actually) and to top it off, now won’t even earn my $4 for for it?

For a first gig I’m a little disappointed. Sounds like I am stuck with this situation and going to just have to accept it. Is that about right???

Customer Support

Or a refund if you just want a quick ‘n’ dirty escape. Might be a buyer abusing your newbie status. Which is why I recommend CS. But they will tell you to work it out with the buyer first, so just professionally tell them that you can’t/won’t offer that because it’s outside the scope the project. With any luck, they’ll go apeshit, you can keep the $5 and CS will remove the horrible review.

Up to you really. I have a bad review from an expectant mindreader who is also a failed seller here at the top of my pile right now and I’m taking it to CS because they were the moron, not me.

I would say take the bad review, and then contact CS. Once the buyer leaves a review, it means they “accept” your delivery, whether they’re happy with it or not. And of course you get the money.
Sure, you also get a bad review.
But if you’re in the right: deliver what your gig says, stay polite the entire time…CS will (most likely) remove the bad review.
However if you contact them without a review, even if you have proof that buyer is taking advantage over you, they will say they can’t force a customer to “accept” the work against their will, and you’ll have to work things out with them.
I’ve learned that “Accept” is the keyword.

Fiverr will remove the negative review up to three times. Then they will state you have to work it out with the buyer or refund them.

I recently had a similar case in which a client ordered a gig. When I delivered he demanded something completely different.
Make sure to communicate with your buyer and point to the gig description. Tell him that what he is asking for is not part of the deal. Redeliver the work again and see what he says.

In my case I contacted CS and they backed me up and said that everything was delivered according to the gig description.

Try a friendly and professional approach with the buyer, he might understand. But at the same time you might also want to reach out to CS and tell them about your issue. In case of a neg. feedback they might back you up.

What @ryangillam said is not always the case. Fiverr will NOT remove a neg. feedback automatically, it really depends on each individual case.

Best of luck!

3 times in total, or 3 times with that specific buyer only?

No, report them to customer service, they’re scamming you, they asked for one thing, obviously got it, I mean if you posted the completed project in it’s entirety online they probably just ripped the video and now have it for free, unless you watermarked it but I’m assuming you didn’t do that (which you should ALWAYS do!)? Now they’re trying to get something new for only $5, it’s the quick con on here, so just report them!

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Send them this message:
I could probably manage to do that, but not for $5. That would be a day’s worth of work and clearly not what the gig showed in the video and pictures I showed with the gig.

Since this is not included with what you ordered you can simply accept it as it is since it is what is included as the gig description says, or I can send you a custom order for the extra work you want which is far outside what the basic gig includes. Please let me know soon.

Fiverr CS will not remove the negative feedback. It will not be easy like that. I had experiences about this. I sent ticket to CS and show them the screenshot to let them know the buyer even said he was happy with my delivery but he left negative without any reason ( 2 - 2.5 star ) and that I politely sent them message to ask but no response.
Fiverr CS just replied my ticket that they can’t remove the feedback, i had to work with the customer to resolve myself.