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Modification request puts orders into late

In the past whenever we received a modification request, the order got a 24 hour timer to give us a time to give us a chance to make the modification. But now it seems one idiot designer took that timer away and right now every single modification request puts the orders into late (Giving a chance for clients to cancel the already delivered order by simply asking for a modification that will put the order into late.). Basically whenever we send the order in time, the client must wait until the delivery time almost expires, then whenever he or she hits modification request in the last moment, the order goes into late for no reason (Even if it was delivered on time on Day 1 out of a Day 4 delivery, where the client ask for changes in the last minutes of Day 4.).

Does anyone else experiencing this or it appears only via my account?

Yes same happened with me.

The work that I offered I’ve done it in 1’st day and delivered it to client. I made custom order for 7 days of delivery as I know there may can possibility of revisions. The buyer didn’t responded for 5 days and on 6th day he came back with revisions that was not even clear. I asked him to make it clear then He again gone for 2 days. And my order got late.

Now here what is the sellers fault. Buyer is totally un responsive. And its really making me frustrated to cancel this order. :confused: