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Hi everybody!

I have a suggestion:

Since, we as sellers, are unprotected by Fiverr as the buyers are, we need to make some union and make petition about changes that will be fair for both sides.

For example,

the buyer can request as many as he wants changes and even if you’ve done many changes and done the work at all, you can still be shorten for money and reputation. This is just not good for us, sellers.

We need to be united and make changes together. I suggest that buyer can only make one modification request, not two, three or as many as he wants. This is not fair, we are making money for fiverr and fiverr doesn’t care about us.


Count me in, couldn’t agree more! Buyers have more leverage than we do whereas we bring in the money as sellers so we need or own protection. Let’s revolt together hahaha.


Yes, as a new seller, making creatives, that there are some buyers who will ask for modifications halfway through the process, or even after completion.

I have jumped through hoops for some to make sure I get a good rating.

I believe that some know and abuse their power, but I think most just dont realize that asking for small changes greatly affects the time required to finish a job.

So now I try to outline very specifically what I will do, what I won’t do, for exactly what price.

If a buyer asks for extras, I gently refer back to this ‘contract’, and that I will need to charge more.

So far everyone has either backed off, or paid up.

So to connect this to your thread, to make buyers more aware, there should be a ‘modification button’ that both parties need to approve.

It can go something like: If a buyer asks for a change not in the original scope, then the seller can tell the buyer to hit that button and then the seller can evaluate and approve or deny.

If the buyer gets pissed and leaves bad feedback because the seller didnt do the change/extra, then it will easily be seen and CS can remove the negative feedback.

Something like that at least . . .


You have raised a very pertinent point in sellers’ interest. The fear of negative rating always hangs over our heads like a Damocles’ sword. This is an anomaly which should be addressed by the Fiverr think tank. This may create a level playing field in Fiverr business space.


There are so many dissatisfied sellers here and every day there are more. Like me. I’m here only 3 months and I have earned level 2 but this is not the price I want to pay just to have some badge next my username. I care about my health and this is not the way I want to go in the future. Fiverr is great place to earn money but it has a dark side which is more powerful than any shiny thing for which I was signed for here.


Well, i believe the no. of modifications you want to allow per gig is up to you as it can be added in your gig description . In case the buyer disagrees to the already given condition, and leave a negative feedback, you can approach to fiverr support and let them investigate the matter.


Yes true, but my point of making the buyer hit a button to ask for a modification, even if the seller offers it for free, is to make the buyer aware that they are indeed asking for a change from the original scope of work.

Some buyers just don’t get it and just casually ask as if it is nothing. Making it official in some capacity might make them realize that they might have to pay extra.


I haven’t had a chance to look over your gig @hellocharlie but maybe go back and properly describe what you offer and what you don’t and make it clear :slight_smile: I RARELY get inquiries on re-doing a graphic or video… and when i do, the buyer knows my rules… just my two cents and hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Hi yourawesome,

thank you for participating in this thread but this is not about me, this is all about us. I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking in the name of all sellers!