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Modification time frame

I ordered a logo - asked for modification its going on 24 hrs and I have not heard from the seller yet. I sent email to the seller for an update, but no response. The seller gets a lot of gigs and his highly rated. Should I allow her more time and is this normal? My concern is the lack communication. Please advise if I am over reacting - this is my first purchased, didn’t know if this was common.

You would have the opportunity to cancel the order, if she won’t deliver it on time! I think if she’s a popular seller, maybe she just doesn’t have enough time to respond to each message, because she’s working on your and other orders. I would suggest you to give her some time until deadline.

Yes give it some time. If the seller lists that it will take 7 days on average you have to give him/her the time (incl. modification) , now as volodymyrpro7 said if the deadline expires you can always request a cancellation.

As designers we have to fight with time and quality if they have more orders that haven’t delivered yet they try to deliver them first. If undelivered order canceled after deadline they receive negative feedback. So she’ll be back to you as soon she finish her orders. My opinion is let her to take her time because fast delivery reduces the quality. BTW it is better to communicate with designer continuously. Let her know that you just need a reply not the work then she may reply

Hope this helps