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Modifications making me late


I have 2 orders that have been delivered in good time, all have requested modifications because the person who ordered needs to seek ‘feedback’ from other people (like supervisors, or project collaborators). It looks like I’m gonna have to request extensions while I wait on them.

Another buyer requested modifications just before the time to have the gig approved ran out, and now they too are ignoring my request for an extension. I have asked them 3 times… I don’t like to be pushy. This is someone I work with a lot, they know I always deliver on time, yet it seems they are dragging it out, and holding off on accepting to get my modifications done faster.

I am annoyed… So I came here.


If you delivered, you don’t need to ask for extension (I don’t think you can actually).

If you see late, it will not count against you. You can ignore it.

Unless Fiverr change something meanwhile.


I thought if you deliver the gig and they request a modification before it is marked as complete, the timer continues? I am sure this is what happened to me at last year and made me lose my level 1 for a while.


Timer continues, yeah, but nobody knows why as it doesn’t work anyway.

I had many like that, nothing happen. Sometimes it goes “late” when I am in bed.


In that case I have no idea why I lost my level 1 before, it said my deliver on time rating was low. I always delivered on time, and on ever had modifications requested.


As long as you deliver in regular time you are fine. Only that counts. If you don’t deliver in your gig time, then it counts as late delivery.

If you lost badge because of “late” deliveries and you are delivering always on time, then it could be a bug.

You are lvl 1 back again, so that is great. That means you didn’t gave up after demotion. And now you are on your way to lvl 2


Yeah, I have no idea why. Thanks for your help