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Modifications requests

My gig includes on modification, after that it’s one per 5.00 purchase. However I have had a buyer press modification several time but only purchase one mod. So I have to do unlimited mods for 5.00? Or is this a bug? It’s a lot of work for 10.00!

I will suggest you to tell your buyer to purchase extras to get more changes done as it is against fiverr’s ToS to do what you buyer is doing. It is known as “abusing the Request Modifications button for personal taste”. Let your buyer know about this and explain everything clearly like what you offer and all other details.

You may take this matter to CS if you think buyer is not ready to listen to your point.

Now it’s not charging for modifications at all. What is going on???

It used to be. The services had worked that way flawlessly for at least the last month so I know it has worked that way before. And if not I had some awesome buyers before that just followed the rules (me thinks this is not the case, lol).

Having to “invite” people to buy more gigs never turns out well, ever, which is why I loved the system so much. I have submitted to CS.

They don’t answer I guess and it’s still not fixed.

This is definitely a bug. The same day the feature to charge for modifications appeared i have had my gigs set to one free modification. I recently had my first second modification request after the feature was implemented in illustration category, the buyer wasn’t charged anything (just noticed this when i saw this topic). Luckily they buyer gave me a tip, otherwise i would have taken a loss on the extra fuel costs.

CS says they’re looking at it but it’s taking awhile. But hopefully resolved soon.

They said it’s not a bug that paying is actually option and we have to remind them to pay… I’m sort of not happy with their explanation.

give him a refund and avoid a negative review…you will never see him again.

Reply to @gailbunning: for what I know, charging for mods is not done automatically from Fiverr system, but you have to deal the situation with your buyer.

Just remind him your mods policy (he should have read it) and invite him to buy more gigs if he wants more mods; naturally remember to be polite and calm (even if sometimes it’s hard, I fully understand) as this will help you avoiding to face some negative feedback.

Reply to @gailbunning: let us know what they answer :slight_smile:

Reply to @gailbunning:
That’s not what it says on the support pages though.
It states!
"Buyers can purchase extra modifications by clicking the Get Modifications button, which is only available if no more modifications are available."

This lead us to believe the buyer will be charged for additional modifications once they have run out of free modifications.
Based on that answer once a buyer has used up free modifications they either see both the normal modification button+ the Get Modifications button, the Get Modifications button is missing or it simply does not work as described (meaning a buyer can no purchase anything by clicking it).

Reply to @mgjohn78: That’s what I said but they keep saying, I have to remind people to pay… and they can hit the mod button as often as they want.

Reply to @gailbunning:
Oh ok so there has just been a humongous case of miscommunication between the article writing and tech teams.

Reply to @mgjohn78: perhaps? I still think it was a bug because there was no issue then a BIG issue. I think maybe they need more support and tech help.