Modified delivery? please answer my 2 questions help


So i have 2 questions

  1. if you have delivered your work on time and buyer ask for modification after 2 days before order completion,your order would be considered late or not?

  2. If you send the dispute “extend the day” offer to buyer and buyer didn’t accept it yet and the time is up ,the order would be considered late or not?


Your “late statistic” is determined by the first delivery not being late. After that, you and your clients can make revisions back and forth until the project is perfect. Beware, after the project clock is more than 24 hours late, the customer can push a cancel button that cancels the order without mutually cancelling it. This cancellation posts an automatic negative review and automatically posts “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” This also doesn’t give you an opportunity to respond to the comment.

During revisions with long time customers, I will let the clock go past 24 hours late. With new customers, I am not so willing to let the clock go past 24 hours late.

I have always treated revisions with alot of priority. Usually turn each revision around in about 0-12 hours. Staying on your feet will help the customer not get frustrated. If you are doing creative custom work, there is a lot of opportunity to make adjustments. It’s not usually about fixing mistakes.


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:
Its just some buyers doesn’t respond atall before delivery after the delivery is done they come back for revisions.


If you have the info for the order. Complete the order.

If you don’t have the info, request the info or materials.

If you still don’t have the info when it is due, send a mutually cancellation. For the message on the cancellation request, state this: “Thank you for your order. Please send the material for your project, or we can mutually cancel this order. I look forward to working on your project.”

It sounds like you are not receiving specific direction until you have delivered the first version. What type of gig do you offer?