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Modify any website/document to your desire


I will edit any web page OR document exactly how you tell me to. You can either send me a screenshot of what you want modified (such as an online document, a scanned document, Facebook, Twitter etc.), or just tell me what you want ANY web page to contain. After it is specified, I will send back a screen shot (photo) of the edited version. Keep in mind, although I am modifying the web page, you are only paying for an IMAGE OF THE EDITED WEBPAGE/ONLINE DOCUMENT SPECIFIED. The possibilities are endless. Heres just a few of them:

-Fool your friends with images of fake/novelty Facebook posts, celebrity tweets, news articles, advertisements on sites, any image on any website, etc.

-Send a screen shot of any web page and I can modify it to your favor, for example: an email you need to show to someone, business report, online report cards/grades (for all you high school and college students)

-Trick anyone into believing something from the internet/from a web page (just tell me what to write) EX: provide you with a screenshot of fake leader boards on any site, a lie/prank you want to convince them of etc.

-Scan a document, send me the image, and I will edit it EXACTLY how you specify

P.S. - Also great for providing someone with an important document :wink: