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Modify Buyer Request so we can see what we offered

Here is the deal.

I get 70-80% of revenue I make from buyer requests. It’s the best thing on fiverr if you ask me. But there are some things that bother me tremendously.

I send 10 offers everyday. Some of them are non standard, meaning I don’t have the exact offer in my gigs so I modify the price according to the difficulty. Sometimes buyers don’t respond to offers for a few days and when they do they message me via my gigs and not via the offer I sent them. They than ask what the price would be for the double order and I have no way to check what my offer was. I send 10 offers daily and have a lot of different conversations in my inbox so it’s impossible for me to remember every single offer.

To make it worse the appearance of the buyer request was recently changed. So if I go back to check the listings I responded to I can’t search by names as the buyers names aren’t visible anymore. Am I really the only one having problems with this?

I have a ton of stuff I have to do to get jobs and I really don’t want to copy ever offer I sent to a separate file so I can check back what I offered.

I imagine it can’t be that hard to make it possible for sellers to see what we offered.

Anyone have a good suggestion for my problem?

Just one but its a big pain and doesn’t always come to mind. What I’ve started doing is jotting down the buyer’s name, what the request involved and what the task price was. Its nice but would be so much easier if it were done automatically.

Plus when a buyer does respond they don’t always recap the job the requested and you have to figure out who they are what they asked for.

I normally find the information at the extreme to in a drop down before the first message from the customer who replied to your offer or at the top of an order in the briefing.

Yes I know where to look for it. I’m talking situations when a buyer doesn’t respond to a custom order but messages to you from your profile. In that case you don’t see the custom order you sent.

Exactly. I face this this kind of situation many time. Moreover, due to this, sometimes buyer changes the request at all and demands the work more than the offered.

There should be an option to review what we offered to a buyer request. Some times they never reply to the offer and they just order. So how can we check what was the written in that offer and later on some time buyer doesn’t come online within the delivery time.