Modify gigs more often?


I’m a graphic designer. I feel better to keep my gigs updated. I update my gig images ones a week gig. Also change gig extras, prices even sometimes tags more than twice a month.:joy:
I do this cuz I love to see my gig images with my latest & best works.
Now here is the question… Is it okay to do this? Does it effects on my impression??


I won’t recommend tweaking your gig so often.
It can result in the decline of the ranking of your gig.


Oh. Thanks for giving such a good advice!


As @taverr said, it might not be a great idea to update your gig so often.

Think about it this way:

  • Today, a customer sees your gig in the search results
  • The customer is super interested, but plans to come back in the future
  • The customer forgets to bookmark your gig
  • A few days later, the customer uses the same search results to find you again
  • Unfortunately, because you have changed your gig around, the customer can’t find you


I see… That’s a very good point.