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"Modify Work" policy should be updated!


Once I delivered the order before 1 hour to the deadline. But buyer keep clicking “modify work” button to ask for some color changes in the result. He requested to modify it several times. Finally I had to say "Please do not click request modification as deadline is too close. Tell me your required modification via message."

Fortunately I was online to modify his work. What will happen if I was not online? Time will expire and I will receive a negative feedback which is deadly for the sellers.

Some buyers do not communicate quickly. What will happen if a seller did a very complex job and buyer click on “request modification”?

I suggest that there must be a fair policy on request modification. I would like to give a few suggestions.

Request modification should not resume the countdown timer.

Request modification should reset the countdown timer.

Countdown timer should resume when the seller visit to that order page.


I know exactly what you mean! Today I got home from school (and had therefore been unable to access my computer for six hours) to find that I had two minutes left to modify my work! Insane! I think a different system should be implemented here.


I always send a ticket in to Customer Support to make sure that my express status gets restored in these cases. I would love to be able to have the option to pause the countdown for instances like this.


Reply to @adnagam: Yeah! It’s nightmare when an express gig is rejected!!! :o


I guess when the customer requests the modification, the timer should stop.


This is insane, and i don’t know where the buyers mind is, because is logical that if it’ll request a modification when the time is close to 0 is imposible for us to modiffy it, even is just a simple modification. The system should be changed because this isn’t fair for us the sellers


i agree with you. Per day i faced this problem. Some buyer do not serious about timer. so need some rules for request modification timing.


Seriously, the buyer doesn’t realize the timer problem. Please change the modification policy. There should not be deadline counter for modifications. Or there should be an agreed time(between buyer and seller)



I got very annoyed quiet few times when it happens.

The first time when I see a red"late" on my order page, I was shocked, I thought it’s going to be a negative review. I delivered the order before the deadline, customer clicked the modification button while i was sleeping, when I wake up, it’s a “late” But the “deliver again” button is still working, so I delivered it again, and the order was safe.

So I don’t understand, how many hours exactly we have after the customer clicked the "modification"button? Anyone knows?

I’m so agree with your suggestion, time should stop countdown, when a modification is requested.


Yeah… Timer resumes from the last deliver time. That is the problem. If you delivered before 1 hour to deadline, you have 1 hour if the buyer clicked the “Request Modification”. Now what I do is, I tell the buyers that “Please do not click on the Request modification button. If you need any modification, simply send me a message”



Perhaps the solution there-in is to not deliver an order at the last minute. Changes should be made, but I feel as though a continual addition of time for each modification could result in potential exploitation which is why they probably don’t do it.

When I deliver orders I try to make sure that there is at least 24 hours left on the timer, or at least 3 days so I don’t come home from somewhere one day with just a few minutes left or an hour to deliver. For express gigs it should probably pause the timer(Or does it? I don’t run express gigs so I have no idea.)

For non-express gigs if it’s possible to do without any kind of potential risk, allow the buyer/seller to work out an estimated time of delivery within the range of the gigs original date. If the gig had a set 5 days on the base order, the adjusted time should match that, and if they ordered extras the adjusted time should be based on the allocated time with the extras so if with extras it was 15 days, it should only be set up to that 15 day point.


Reply to @freelancemm: While I understand how delivering early can help in a situation like this, if a seller wants or has to use all of their delivery time, they should in no way be penalized or made to feel like they did something wrong for using all the time given. I’m not saying that you feel this way. (It reminds me of when I had professors who would give the class 1 week to complete an assignment and would make snarky remarks to students who turned it in 1 week on the dot).

However, if possible modifications make a gig “late”, then the gig delivery times become useless/arbitrary and delivering “early” becomes the new “delivery time”. I have heard of seller’s losing their Express gig status this way because a buyer changed their mind and wanted a blue border instead of a red one. No one is at fault but too bad, seller!

I have no idea how to rectify this situation. Sometimes it’s the seller’s fault, sometimes it’s the buyer’s fault. Notice though, that Fiverr only seems to punish the seller. This is a common theme in Fiverr’s policies.



Well honestly, I have only had about 2 to 3 modifications out of many orders(Of which I refused to do for a base price gig that’s already low as it is, and their “modification” didn’t even make sense.). If the person is getting a lot of requests for modification, they’re either offering too much, or what they’re offering is too confusing to the buyer. I think the issue would then be to give more clarity and refine what the user offers for a base price. It’s not that I am disagreeing with the thread, but rather siding with Fiverr just like they do the two weeks to wait to withdraw money. I completely understand why they probably do it, which is most likely to avoid potential exploitation by those without morals.

Do keep in mind I am sure that Fiverr if you mention that the gig was late due to a user recommended a modification with very little left on the timer, Fiverr would probably be nice enough to remove that.

Other than a few experiences, I have had mostly been on good terms with Fiverr. As long as you clearly state what you offer, whether you have a revision policy and all that, generally most users won’t have an issue with Fiverr. I think the issue comes in when you aren’t clear enough on what you offer giving the buyer too much leverage over you which in a $5 base price gig should never be the case.

So in general, if they can find a way to do it without it being too easy to manipulate I am all for it. Perhaps an initial modification would add a 24 hour time-frame, and a second modification would have to be agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller after discussing it.


Huh? I always thought after you deliver the first time the clock stops… for good. Is this not right? When a buyer requests a modification after you have delivered the clock does not restart.

Could someone let me know if I’m incorrect? Thanks!


You are incorrect! :slight_smile:


Reply to @cheezees: How strange. This has never happened to me and I think I’ve had hundreds of requests for modifications.


Reply to @celinedesigns: Do you always deliver with lots of time left on the clock? Then I think you should be fine. This has never happened to me personally but every grievance that I’ve heard where they delivered within minutes of the deadline, the gig ran “Late”.


Reply to @cheezees: All my gigs are express so I have little time to do them - but yes I always usually have 10 hours to go. But whenever I deliver a modified work the timer never changes.

Although the other day I did have an order come up as ‘late’ due to the buyer buying another gig extra after the deadline, but I think that’s another issue.


Well I have multiple jobs going on, beside the gig here, and usually need all of the advertised time to complete the tasks at hand. Due to this, it is really nerve reckoning to receive any modification requests. Fiverr should also protect seller with at least half of the time as advertised to complete the work. So if it takes 1 day to complete the gig, then half a day to do modification, and all the while during modification, the payment waiting period should begin counting. The only time that the payment waiting period stops from counting is when either side initiate a request to cancel the order or mutually agree to do so. I do readings and still think that message communication should be used for reading clarification and not the modification button, as modification isn’t really a suitable phrase for the described work.


Hi everyone!

I thought I should share this with you, I just asked CS about how long time we have if buyers request modifications after the order is already ran out of time.

The response from CS:

“When buyer requests formal modification order goes into Rejected status and can remain in it for as long as you need to modify your work.”