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Modifying review of the canceled order

Hello! A couple of days ago (6 days), my client made an order for one of my “gigs”, but unfortunately I did not have time to execute the order at the time. A customer said: "I’m not the one who left you that feedback Fiver did it because we cancelled the order Tell me how the change it and I will I do not want to give anyone bad feedback…"I agreed with the customer and finished 2 free order, so that it has modified your review. But he wrote that: “I never left ANY feedback Fiver did when we cancelled the order It wont let me revise the feedback because I did not leave it I am going to send fiver a message to remove the feedback…”

I agreed with the customer and finished 2 free order, so that it has modified his review. But he can not modify it … How can we fix it? I will be glad of any help. Thank you!

The one star review and the feedback of ‘Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!’ is automatically added by Fiverr when a seller fails to deliver on time.

I guess the only thing you could do is approach CS to see if they can help.

This is not a bug and while your buyer did not leave the review, the buyer cancelled the order for lateness and that triggers an automatic review as @offlinehelpers said. The post will be moved since Fiverr intends to put automated reviews on late cancellations and it is not a bug. You can contact the Support Team for further info as needed.

In addition to what others said i would recommend you increase your delivery time to avoid the same thing happening in the future.

Customer Support will remove that review if you fixed it with a buyer. I had a similar situation a couple of years ago (I was working on the order when they cancelled and yes, it was late). They were happy with the work, ordered a new gig and I asked CS if they would remove the bad review as the situation had been resolved.

Ultimately though, that was very lucky. If you want to have a good career on Fiverr, don’t be late and avoid this situation. I have 4 of these reviews and they’re all because I was sick (or tactical after the fact–I’d rather have a corporate bad review than personalized hatred…)

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: