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Mods and Fiverr Staff - Curious about if / how feedback from the forums is fed back to Fiverr support / product development

This is a question for the mods / Fiverr staff, and I completely understand if you can’t answer, but something @fonthaunt mentioned in another thread caught my attention. It was that Fiverr staff were very conscious of the ongoing discussion regarding cancellations not being a seller’s fault, and that it’s unfair to penalize in analytics / levels where the cancellation is beyond our control.

My question is - is there a formal or informal feedback mechanism in place, whereby common issues / topics discussed on the forums feed back into the customer support / product development aspects of Fiverr?

I ask because we don’t see much involvement from Fiverr staff on the forums (and I completely understand that, it’s a community space run by community members), but it would be interesting to know if they pay attention and if the mods (or others) forward interesting threads to them for consideration.



Paul Fiverr does listen to the forum but they just don’t care. In the 3 years, I’ve been on this site nothing that was asked for on the forums has EVER happened. If you or anyone else thinks that Fiverr is ever gonna change how they deal with cancellations then I hope I could have your optimism. If something hasn’t happened in 5 years chances of that happening are pretty much dead.

Fiverr will listen but it just won’t care. That’s what I’ve learned from my time on this site. tt’s like a drunk step dad, it thinks it knows what’s best for you but in reality it’s just more pain and misery. I’m already having a rough month.

Mod Note: Please see response. This is false. Fiverr staff have responded to many issues that were first expressed via the forum.


Yes. I would call it informal, but it’s there. All moderators have access to a private forum that staff from all departments can read without filtering through the whole forum. Moderators also have a way to communicate emergency information to some individual staff members, though there is no guarantee that the staff member will be immediately available. We have been told many times that staff wants to know about hot topics, so we forward them accordingly.

In some cases, we got a note from a staff member asking us to specifically send over threads that pop up about issue “XYZ” as they are actively monitoring feedback from all sources. When they do, we oblige. So, they do stay informed. On lesser issues we aren’t usually given any information about what they are doing in response to the feedback. Occasionally a staff member will pop in and respond on the forum or give us some information to post about a hot topic.


For the most part we see Matt on the front line, most of the other Fiverr staff work behind the scenes. It would be nice to see Staff present and answering questions from time to time though. I’m also thankful that we have such an incredible Moderation team.

Just my two cents


Thanks for letting us know - that’s really interesting, and it’s good to know that the channel of communication is there. Do you think it would be useful, or counterproductive, to give us a high level view of the things they are looking at? (I understand if it’s confidential, but it may also help us to understand what community issues they are interested in at a particular moment in time).


This is actually 100% untrue. It would take me some time to find and gather, but the moderators have entire lists of bugs, issues, and concerns that were addressed by staff. When I have enough time I’ll try to find some of those, but since I’m a volunteer I can’t spare it right now. I am not afraid to say negative things about Fiverr and have before, but I can guarantee you that your statement above is false.


I think it would be useful to the community. Some of it might be confidential and of course the bigger problem is time. However, I think it’s a worthy suggestion. I’ll add it to the moderator meeting to-do list for discussion.


I think you didn’t understand what I meant. I was reffering to changes made to the actual site and not reponses given to people on the forums. Either way, that was just from my own expiernce but if you think otherwise that’s ok.


I just noticed that you removed and locked my comment? Seems a bit excessing doesn’t it?


Still incorrect. I’m talking about actual changes to the site including some big ones.

About your question on hiding, commenting, and locking - your post was automatically hidden because it was flagged. I unhid it, commented on it, and locked it so that it couldn’t be changed. (There have been too many instances where people changed a statement that they regretted making the responses look confusing.)

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Thankfully my stepdad didn’t drink. He was just weird.

I personally think Fiverr does listen but… Well, yeah…

  1. I take full responsibility for any stupid claims I make
  2. Can you name one decent change that was requested on the forums because I can’t think of any?


I should also mention that what I’m asking might seem kinda offensive when you read it but I’m genuinely asking out of curiosity, This is not me calling anyone out. I want that to be clear.

If there has been any change that was requested on the forums that made it to the actual site that would genuinley make me happy since that would prove me wrong which again IS A GOOD THING. Fiverr listening is good for everyone so if that is true that’s great!

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I believe that the development team or team leaders check in here quite a bit when a new update and to the suggestion threads. This is just from things they have said in the private forum Fonthaunt mentioned so I don’t know how much exactly.

Speaking for myself, not the team, I do forward on threads to specific staff or the private space quite often especially if it seems like a bug or a big issue.

It is really difficult to tell what ideas originated on the forum or if it was thought up in Fiverr’s HQ. For example:
This request happened, dunno if it was because of this:

So did this:

Was this the idea that spawned Fiverr Pro?

Can’t find it but there were definitely posts about the “Aloha” message which has now been changed to out of office.


Don’t know about the rest and I highly doubt they had anything to do with the changes made on the site but yeah this was one of the changes requested by the forums. That’s something I guess.

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Yeah, the translation pairs one may have had more to do with some long-winded ranting that “someone” may have harassed support with at the time.
The resolution center thing is something that many others have mentioned too so it could well have been.
As for the Pro one, who knows.


Thanks @fonthaunt and @eoinfinnegan for your responses. With regard to perhaps sharing the areas Fiverr are looking at / hot topics / major threads, I think that would be very useful to understand what they are looking at and prioritizing, and to understand that feedback and discussions are going somewhere. Whether they choose to act on those things is a different discussion, but it would be good to know what they are considering.

I am all for more transparency and communication, so honestly I think a high-level, bullet point list of half a dozen things they are considering every couple of weeks or a month would be really useful. Especially as it could lead to debate about those topics, which could add more insight and context for Fiverr staff.

Of course, this is all with the caveat around confidentiality etc.

Thanks for your consideration.


Oh, just to add to this - I and several others were chatting with Tyler (One of the Fiverr community staff) yesterday (about something unrelated to the forums) and he mentioned that anything related to product development can be very slow, due to all of the scoping, design, implementation, testing, feedback etc.

That is to say, just because something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. I believe this stuff just takes time in an organization as large as Fiverr, with such a complex platform.


I do think Fiverr could improve on communication but they have improved in the recent past.
Matt make posts regularly about changes now but of course this could be increased.
I think anyone who has something original to suggest should definitely post it in the Suggestion/Feedback category because that is definitely monitored. The Bugs section is also monitored and Mods generally send Bug issues to staff if it is affecting a lot of people.

I would hope that the increases in communication continue, I like your ideas but not sure they would commit to that much. I suppose like any big company there are issues around going through 10 different departments for something to go from Ideas Phase to Implementation, so that would be a difficulty


This is both uplifting and disheartening to hear at the same time. Nonetheless, it’s good to see at least Fiverr is listening to the Pro sellers.

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Actually, I thought it could be a quick post a mod puts together, assuming you guys have the time? (And I understand if you don’t).

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I’m sorry if I snapped at you too, I do get why everyone gets frustrated. I think the reason your comment put me off was that I felt this thread was suggesting some really positive ideas for even more potential change and your comment was overwhelmingly negative and kind of a “shutdown” comment. The negativity on the forum is sometimes hard to cope with when Fiverr still provides many of us anything from pocket money to a living without charging us a dime unless we make money first.

Just to clear one thing up, the kinds of major changes that I’ve seen happen due to forum complaints are mostly fixes/repairs. There have been general site changes suggested like Eoin said and some might be related to the forum. The ones that I have in mine are more of the crises type.

I’ve seen a number of times when a series of forum posts sends out an alarm about a big problem (delivery uploads failing, payments failing, etc.) and the forum moderators forwarded them to staff. When those happen, it isn’t unusual for us to get a “Thanks!” from staff, then a “We’re working on it” and often a resolution within hours to a day. I see that as a form of major response since those bugs are things that prevent us from working.