Mods I need help asap [ANSWERED]


Hello I cant make payments I tried everything different account / cards / vpn / browser it cost me delayd i DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED i PURCHAES A 20 BUT CANT 30 again.


Please contact customer support for assistance.


Anything purchase related needs to go to Customer Services - we can’t help you.

How many accounts, VPN etc are you using out of interest?


1 had one account but I wasnt able to purchase again , I tried to make purchse hope you do wel I dont understand your point>


Forum moderators can’t assist with technical issues. Here is some info on creating a Customer Support ticket:

Fiverr has a good ticket system that works and the people who answer tickets usually get back with you in a day. It might be two if it’s a high volume day. They do answer tickets, though. There is a post pinned in the top few in this Fiverr FAQ category called How to Submit a Support Ticket with step-by-step instructions.