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Mollanasir721: I will offer you background removing and delete object for $5

my account is old but I did not get any sells please any one help me


Hi there…,

Because you are offering very common skill here in fiverr.
If you only offer this gig and nothing else…, I don’t think you can gain success with “background removal”

Plus today…, there are plenty “background removal” apps eventhough it’s not perfect.

No matter how good your gigs (just background removal) …, it won’t work,


I have a suggestion please don’t do this again here. For marketing you have many social media platform.
Thank You!

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Thank you Molla Nasir to ask a serious question .

We will do the following task to get our first order,

  1. You need to active online for more than 16 hours
  2. Promote your gig in social media networks
  3. Send the buyer requests (10) per day
  4. Create gig videos for attractive client
  5. Use good topics and description for gigs
  6. Use good tags, to find your gigs on Fiverr
  7. Use attractive Gigs image
  8. Above all develop your skill
  9. See the forum’s tips
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Being active online doesn’t work like that. It really doesn’t matter.
And even if you are online 16,24 hours fiverr only shows you as online for an 6-8 hours maximum, I think.


This is very effective tips ever :heart_eyes:

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thanks for your good suggestion