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Monbadsha : I will promote your fiverr gig on many social media for $5 on


Hi Fiverr Friends!

Hope you all are doing well. I just have created this gig for you. Promote your gigs for more sell. Recently I have done a sell successfully and I got a good result by this promotion. My client is getting order more than before. This is the time for you. You try it for your next promotion. I am waiting for your next touch.

Actually this forum is very helpful for me to reach you and I found you here. I think this platform has made a bridge to communicate with you. I think, you will contact with me from here for the next step.

Sincerely yours,


Hi there - got any evidence of this? How many followers do you have? I’m always interested in more promo.


Please take a look my gig offer again. Generally I promote gig by many social media such as FB groups related to fiverr gig promotion, G+ posting, Tumblr posting, etc. Some of my FB groups have 100000+ members and most of my FB groups have 10000+ members.