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Monetary indicators!

It would be nice if all dashboard monetary indicators re set to the sellers default monetary value. I get confused when I go to one page and it’s in $$ and the next page it’s in €€.
I am thinking it can’t take much to make that happen.


I think they are in the same value? There’s a dropdown menu at the bottom right of the page where you can change it. Maybe it’s a bug.

Edit: Interesting, if I look at my own gigs, it’s not, but when I change it to public preview mode they go to the monetary indicator that I’ve designated. Maybe it has something to do with which currency the seller set their prices in.

Mine are only set in $$
Can you change that?

Have you tried the dropdown menu I mentioned above?

I will look
Thanks a lot

OK, it’s set for Euros, but the dashboard areas are in $$
Very annoying.

Yes, only some amounts are shown in $$, it´s not just annoying but also pretty cumbersome for tax stuff and such.

For me, it´s also confusing to see € on my desktop vs $ on my phone, I haven´t found any settings to change the currency on the phone app.

By dashboard area do you mean your own prices? They only seem to change if you go into public preview mode, because they show up as the same currency in which you set your prices (at least that’s my theory).

Prices and Analytics show € but Earnings show $ (and custom offers only allow for $ as well but I guess that´s harder to figure out, although if both buyer and seller use €, it should be made possible to choose €).

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Interesting. That seems kind of dumb, considering Earnings are only for you. Custom offers I can kind of understand if one side is from the U.S., but the U.S. is not the world…

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No, not really, unfortunately not, there are several people who are interested in those, the tax authorities, health insurance… :wink: and some of those have forms that only let you put in €. That´s all problematic anyway, it would be good if we could withdraw € instead of $ - but that was another topic here in Suggestions already…

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I meant “only for you” as in they don’t affect your clients…but if they affect your taxes, then that’s even worse.

Yeah, I know you meant that :slight_smile: . Tax-wise, it´s really unfortunate. It costs a lot more time and energy to figure all that out all the time for people whose home currency isn´t US$.
Being paid in/withdrawing € (or whatever currency) would be great, if Fiverr can figure it out and implement somehow, nothing to leave over, though. :wink:

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What I am saying, is if they can code the site to vary your earnings based on the $ - € ratio, then I am sure they can make all conversions for all the areas that should be in (Euros) for me for example.

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I had someone in Canada seeing a much higher price than my amount I had quoted him, and he was confused, so he sent a screenshot. It turned out he was seeing Canadian dollars on his screen.

That’s the first I’ve ever thought about it.