MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Learn how to sleep 2 to 4 hours per day


Hi! I’m new to Fiverr,

I just wanted to introduce myself; I’m a long-term polyphasic sleep expert. I’ve slept less than 4 hours a day for the past 5+ years, and I’ve poured everything I know into a 72 page guide I’m offering here:

I don’t know what else to say here, so I’ll just leave it here by saying “Hi,” again, and by letting you know that sleeping 8 hours in one go isn’t good and it’s a lot of time wasted. The world would be a much kinder place if everyone learned how to sleep better.



Hi and welcome.

"Learn how to sleep 2 to 4 hours per day."

Most of us on Fiverr already do that and can SHOW YOU! :slight_smile:


*Polyphasic sleeping BTW. Not sleep deprivation.


Hi @voiceoverwork. And LOL, would it be better to say “sleep 2 hrs a day and feel better rested than if you had slept 8 hrs a day?” That sounds scammy and long-winded.

I’ve spent years researching this, and I sleep 2 hrs a day regularly. But I can’t promise that for everyone, so I didn’t try to sell it as so (I do promise 4 hours though).

Would love any feedback.


I do like the idea I hope you do well on here I bet that a gig where you talk to them by skype or personlized video would sell more.

on the other hand I think voiceoverwork is right most fiverr peeps already know how to sleep less and work more or they wouldnt have those badges.



I don’t honestly know. However, there really is no “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” on Fiverr and you’re opening a door that you really don’t want folks to walk through.

I would work on your gig description. Selling is Theater;

Conflict and Resolve. Pain and Pleasure.

It’s great that you sleep “2 to 4 hours per day”, but successful selling isn’t about you, it’s about the buyer and what your product can do for them. Turn your copy around and make it totally customer centric.

Your photos are nice, but don’t really tell and sell the product. How about a video? Either with you in it explaining the product, or hire a couple of the many talented video and voice over folks on Fiverr to create a short, informational and influential pitch for your product.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



I am offering that before pressing the order received button, they skim through the guide to make sure they’re happy with it. If they aren’t I’d let them cancel the order (I’d only ask them why they weren’t happy with it). The only other way I can think of offering money back is to purchase their gig in order to transfer their money back to them.

I like my privacy so I don’t really show my face on the internet. It might work against me in some ways, like not showing my face to increase the trust factor, but I try to make up for it by going beyond the necessary in other areas.



Thank you for the great feedback. I don’t really know how to make the act of sleeping entertaining through video (and I don’t want to hire talent because I in no way want to use anything disingenuous or mendacious).

But I’ve improved the copy. And I’ll still offer the money back guarantee, but you’re right- it’s misleading as a selling point.



Thank you for the positiveness. :slight_smile:



Well you’re the “sleep expert”.

I’m not sure how you would make sleep “entertaining” and not sure it would be wise to even try. However you can make it healthy and beneficial and desirable. And a book trailer, presentation or video is perfect for that.

If you believe in your product and it’s positive benefits, why would a presentation be “disingenuous or mendacious”?

Companies, businesses, authors, doctors, artists, manufacturers use presentations for product demonstrations all the time. Many are very forthright, honest and very informational.

Good luck!



Thank you!