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"Money back guarentee" ? Will you refund?

Some sellers describe in their gigs that they will refund if buyer doesn’t satisfied with the delivery. It’s really a nonsense. There are thousands of nightmare buyers who request cancellations after seller deliver the order. (Some are rapidly request for revisions.) There are so many cheaters. So money back guarantee doesn’t make any sense to me. Is that phrase attract more buyers?
But this feature is really helpful if the buyer is cheated by the seller.

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The phrase “Money back guarantee” just assures your buyers that you are working for customers’ satisfaction instead of just getting a couple of dollars even if the client is not happy with your work. So I think it makes sense. Sorry, I don’t agree.

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While most of the Buyers are great to do business with, there are some who take advantage of the loopholes in the system or threaten sellers of providing a negative feedback thus compelling/enforcing them to cancel an order.

In my opinion offering unlimited Revisions or Money back guarantee is a sort of risk that you take just as a Gimmick but it do more harm than Good as some of the time it provides the bad Buyers a point to target you.

In my experience, Better approach is to always discuss the idea(you are going to implement) with the Buyer you are going to implement for a project before starting.
Later on when it is finished try to deliver it before the deadline and ask the Buyer if he wants something altered; you are willing to do it.

This way you are going to be saved from unnecessary cancellation and of course revision as well.


I totally agree. If a seller has a few of those buyers who do request a refund (meaning a cancellation), that will negatively effect the sellers ranking and placement in search.

So those sellers will lose over time.

If a buyer won’t buy with 5 or maybe 10 revisions included, having unlimited won’t make a difference. (If a seller can’t get it right in 5 or 10 revisions, they are unlikely to ever make the client happy.)

It just means the seller is obligated to keep working as long as the buyer wants… And Fiverr won’t back them up with a buyer taking advantage as long as it’s a revision.

A weak selling position from my POV. And the sign of either a new seller, or someone who isn’t confident they can get it right the first time or two.