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Money beside profile picture

Hi guys, what is the money by my profile picture? thanks

Your available balance.

thanks Sara, this is to shop on fiverr only right?..I made my first withdrawal and the amount that was there decreased significantly…can you please explain why thanks

You’re welcome.

You can do anything with that balance – shop, tip, withdraw.

How much did your last withdrawl decrease by? There are a few processing fees applied to withdrawals, but these amount to $4 max.

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hi it decreased by $124 which is how much I did withdraw but I thought the cash was from gigs I did…

Oh, you mean the number next to your profile picture reduced significantly?

Yeah, whenever you withdraw, that number goes back down to zero. But it quickly increases again when other payments clear.

You can go to your Earnings page to see how much is still to clear and when that money will be available.

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ok thank you for all your help sarah