Money cleared but?


I did 2 reviews and I see that I cannot withdrawal until June the 3rd. The funds have cleared on one account but not the other one yet. I guess my question is, is there a waiting period before you can withdrawal your funds? If so that stinks!


yeah two or three weeks… it does stink… some say it’s only two weeks I had to wait 28 days for a few payments.


Hardly seems fair.


i belive fiverr cs should think of lowering this period down, don’t you think?


I don’t see the big deal most jobs pay bi monthly


that’s true :wink: but there are some which pay weekly :wink:


Reply to @matt_garry: But we are not working for the Fiverr community.


On day jobs it takes 30 days to pay :slight_smile: so whats the deal here. Only point of satify is that you will get sure money , sooner or later . As bachas85 said once, you will be in a flow , it will be daily routine to see money often under your withdrawl heading.