Money confusion


I am a seller as well as za buyer on Fiverr. I made 250 bucks in 2 months then I ordered one gig for 5 bucks but order was not successful so I cancelled it so there are some questions??

can those $5 be withdrawn?

if not and I order again then those freezed$5 will be used by Fiverr or Fiverr will use another $5 from my account and in case another order is failed to deliver my $10 will be frozen in Fiverr which I can not withdraw??

this will be bad …

seriously confused?

quick response is required?


The $5 you got from the cancellation will be used for your next purchase here on Fiverr, you cannot withdraw it to your Paypal/Payoneer again, so you might as well use it on your next purchase… :slight_smile:


Someone else had this issue as well – Except they have $50 tied up that they couldn’t withdraw. My understanding is once you use it for a gig, or load it into your account, it must be used on Fiverr. This might be something Fiverr could look into?


When someone (buyer) cancels the order, Within 2 to 4 hours, you will get automatically your return dues in your account.