Money conversation


Hy,i have a one question, we got here dollar but when we convert in our country so we get different price, correnty 1$ =62 Indian Rs. But when our currency up so I loss so what I have to do?


Currency exchange rates vary all the time - there isn’t anything you can do about it.


That’s an interesting question. If all payments from fiverr start out as dollars and are then converted to Rs then there is nothing you can do as offlinehelpers said.


thanks mam… :blush::blush::blush:


Ma’am just in case (mam is mother LOL ) but I don’t see these expresions to be very polite :laughing:


Ma’am is considered polite.


So so, I try not to use so much , same as Dear… sometimes it sounds a bit creepy :wink:


I don’t think ma’am is creepy at all. It is polite. It is a little old fashioned but where I come from it is the custom to call women ma’am sometimes. But it can be said in a condescending way by some unpleasant people at times but not usually.


Yeah ! I know where it come from ( madam ). As you marked it depends on the context :wink:


A seller I use here calls me madam all the time and at first I was very surprised and didn’t know why he did that but then realized it is probably the usual custom in his country to call a customer that.