Money/ Currency transferring


alright so I am from the UK and I use pounds and fiverr uses US dollars.

I recently tried to withdraw from my fiver $20 to my paypal, it appared in the “recent activity” section (on paypal) as $19.60 but when i look at my paypal balance, it hasn’t added up any of that money or changed it into pounds.

so how does this work and what do I have to do?


no worries, i figured it out, i had to add an option for UC currency.




Reply to @madmoo: hey thanks. i figured it out a minuit ago, apparently if you convert money through paypal it takes away an amount of your money. 19.60 is meant to be 12.26

but it showed up as 11.94. i better wait and transfer $100 dollars at a time to save money. (if it works this way)


Reply to @madmoo: you know the section where it says you’re balance is “such”, look on the right there is a link for “currency conerter”, click that and then it will take you to a drop down box and chose (US dollar) and then “add currency” but leave your main one “e.g uk pound” as the “make primary”