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Money disappeared! help needed

I need your help! I recently connected my Payoneer account to Fiverr. But when I recently withdrew the money I had available in Fiverr by Bank Transfer, the money appears cleared in Fiverr but it is not in my Payoneer account and not available my bank account!!! My bank account in Payoneer is waiting for verification! So I probably don’t expect the money to go to my bank account!! What do I do? Should I wait longer? Its been 11 hours since the money appeared as withdrawn in Fiverr but is not in my Payoneer account!! What do i do???


Don’t panic. Your money did not disappear. Check your email, you should recieve an email from both payoneer and fiverr concerning the payment. Most importantly, check for the payoneer email because they will send you a link to verify the transfer from fiverr. Usually, this also attract a fee - $1 for 3 business days (standard), $3 for 1 business day transfer (fast).

If you have not recieved this email yet, or you have done this step and you’re yet to see the money, wait for two more days. The standard for most transfers is 3days.


Thanks for the reply, its much appreciated!
Well, I have not received any email from both ends! When I didn’t see anything happen I tried clicking the Fiverr Revenue Card, I received a Fiverr email for it, but its not supported in my country so I don’t have the card! I should just wait longer?

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Hi, if your payoneer account has been created and verified, just link it to fiverr. Fiverr revenue card is basically your payoneer mastercard. Uganda is listed in the countries accepted by payoneer, what i don’t know is if you can use the mastercard there.

You don’t also need this card for the linking. Link your payoneer account to fiverr so you can withdraw straight to your payoneer account and not load through the revenue card. That means, instead of clicking revenue card, click bank transfer.

I connected my Payoneer and Fiverr accounts so I think I should give it time to process the withdraw. I’m about to start the third day since I initiated the payment so I’ll wait to see how it all works out, today.
I’ll keep you posted, and Thank you Sooo much for the timely assistance! I’ll update in case of anything :wink:

Glad i could be of help. Keep checking your email. You’ll get updates there. If nothing happens after a few hours, contact fiverr and payoneer support.

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Right. You are right.

Hey Guys,
The withdrawal I made recently, haven’t turned out anything still!!! Today is the 7th day but still I see nothing! No email from Payoneer and no email from Fiverr updating me about anything!!! What do I do? The money isn’t showing anywhere! Not in Payoneer. Not in Fiverr and not in the Bank!

For payoneer, you can opt for speaking with an online agent instead so you get a one on one feedback

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