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Money Disappeared While Clearing



So I had this custom order worth $150 which I did within the stipulated time. The buyer marked the order as complete and left a very positive review. The money was supposed to be cleared today after the 14 day waiting period but instead it has disappeared from my revenues page altogether. It was showing as “Clearing” until yesterday but now there is no sign of it. What to do? :confused:

P.S: The money is adding up in the Earned column on the revenues page and is also visible next to the buyer’s name in the My Contacts page.


Contact customer service for something like that.


Yes, please contact CS (Fiverr Contact support) regarding this matter…


Happened to me as well everything is fine now :slight_smile:


I figured it out. Fiverr spreads the payment when its a big order guys


Thanks guys…I will contact CS.

Reply to @thatguyy: Could you please elaborate on that? Spread as in breaking down into smaller chunks? If so then how?