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Money dissapearing

So I sold my first gig recently, yay. Excellent, job was paid for and all is well. Now I earn in NZD and yesterday my money was over 25NZD now it is exactly $24.91NZD

My question is why is my money dissapearing?


Looks like this is a similar bug to mine:I just wanted to withdraw $163.20 and $0.01 left on Fiverr

I would suggest to contact a Customer Service but you may wait around 10 days for this.

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The currency of the platform is USD ($), which means that if you choose a different currency, it would be nothing else but the approximately amount you have based on the conversions. These statistics are continuously changing. I advice you to set the currency to USD so you’ll have a clear idea of the amount you are making.


They are not disappearing. It’s a conversion rate.


When it’s on Fiverr it provides a rough fixed conversion rate, but once you take it out it will pay you in the rate of that day.