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Money earned on order differs from CSV?

Hi all,

I have a crazy number of orders I’m trying to get into my spread sheet to calculate profit, costs, tax due, etc and, after adding up the original orders, with the tips, with the extras for orders, when I go to check with the ‘you earned (insert amount)!’ I found some discrepancies.

They’re random, mostly 20-40 cents off, and I don’t think my math is that incorrect? Should I be trusting my original numbers from what i get off the CSV and ignore what the order page tells me I earned?

I noticed some older threads on this but I know there have been changes to the site in the last few years that might change the situation, hence new topic. Any advice would be appreciated!

Black Whiskey

If you feel that this in ongoing problem in your revenue list I would contact customer support to make sure that it’s calculated the right way and that you don’t have a bug in your system.

I may have been the only one to freak out about it, but if anyone else sees some differences and gets confused, take a look through your orders and see if it’s just rounding up or down to the nearest dollar on everything but the CSV and revenues page. If it’s just that, then trust your CSV. If that does’t appear to be the problem with yours, then contact support.
Just wanted to have this out there in case anyone comes looking.