Money for buyer cancelled order


How can a buyer cancel order after receiving the work. How to get money from fiverr for my work


Did fiverr order your gig? There are ways for buyers to receive a refund and when that happens, fiverr will not pay you for your work. Sorry my friend, if the order is already cancelled and a refund issued, there is very very little you can do.


you have to mutually solve this issue with buyer :slight_smile: fiverr told me 4 days ago…I had same issue but still buyer did not contact CS and I did because I know I am right…
you should go to CS and send him screen shots of your work…that might help…may be 5% of chances if refund is not issued to buyer yet.


If the buyer is not still on Fiverr, you may be the victim of a PayPal chargeback. :hushed: