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Money from the bank

Hello fiver. Yesterday i made my first sale!!! i got 4$. When will these be available to take from my bank?



Congrats on your first sale. :tada: :moneybag::money_mouth_face:

I would also like to point out -

Please, please don’t make multiple posts asking the exact same thing… You created a post only yesterday asking the exact same thing and I believe a very helpful forum user already answered your question.

You will have the 4$ available for withdrawal 14 days (yes, FOURTEEN DAYS) AFTER the completion of the order. Once you have available balance for withdrawal, you can see the amount on the top right hand corner of your Fiverr homepage. After that, you can have it transferred via Paypal or Payoneer account or Bank Transfer.

Also, have a look at this section of the Help & Education Center-


Yea, I remember you. It is still 14 days. See: When the payment?

If you don’t trust me ask google, it doesn’t really matter what you type in there it will always be 14 days.

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