Money in Account


I got $10 in my account and want to spend it. Whenever I try and purchase a gig, the $10 is not taken away from the purchase price?


try my gig’s


Try to contact fiverr support!


Reply to @prinzidesign: Telling the buyer to try your gig does not solve the buyer’s problem. Your post is already in the wrong place and is therefore spam. Additionally if the buyer misunderstands and tries to spend more than $10 on your gig their credit will still not be used with certainly doesn’t solve their problem.


@rsimmigration When you have Fiverr credit you have to spend either exactly the amount you have or less. If you tried to purchase a gig that cost $15.00 for example, your $10 credit cannot cover it so you are re-directed to pay separately. If you did actually try to use it on something that cost 10 or less, then it is correct that you need to ask Customer Support. Good luck!


Does the new buyer fees has to do something with it ? I have not bought anything but since some time, buyers are being charged some fees as well.


Reply to @kay2809: Those fees apply on purchases made from outside Fiverr, like when you pay from PayPal you pay fees. When you buy using credit in your account there are no fees. So, if you have $5 in your Fiverr account from specials, refunds or earnings, you can buy $5 gig and there are no fees.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Alright.


Reply to @kay2809: I’m glad it’s like that. I think when they first started with the fees everyone had to pay them, but they got so many complaints about people not being about to utilize old $5 refunds and credits that they backed up a little. Now if they would just get rid of those silly buyer fees altogether! :slight_smile: