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Money in your Fiverr Account

Is is still possible to withdrawal or add funds to your Fiverr account. I youtubed it, and the options given aren’t shown in my account.

Yes why not? It’s done with Paypal. You pay for a gig with Paypal.

Can I deposit money straight into my fiverr account as well? I’m sorry but I don’t see how that is done. For some reason I don’t see the options they show in youtube. I believe you are suppose to click on the “account settings” option or “revenue” which was at the bottom of your fiverr page or in the top right hand corner under your name. Not sure how or why I am missing these links. I can’t find PayPal at all

Okay thank you. I wonder when Fiverr plans on doing that.

Awesome, thanks for the compliment and thanks for the additional info. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: Have a good day!

you can only pay when you buy gig. you can’t deposit advance fund in fiverr account. you can only pay when you buy gig.

Fiverr should have this option. As most of the buyers here are very busy people, it’s cumbersome to log in the PayPal if you order 100 gigs a day.

I have some money in my fiverr account but I don’t know the process for applying it to an order…I didn’t see a link or anything to use it. thanks!

Good to know! Thank you kjblynx!

Reply to @jim_takacs: No, at this time it cannot be done as you describe. You can order a gig and pay via PayPal but you cannot just put funds in your Fiverr account unless you get it from selling a service.

Reply to @jim_takacs: It has been requested before and you could add a request in the Suggestion Box forum so staff might see it. For Fiverr there are pros and cons so I don’t know if they will, but you know the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Buyers and Sellers would like to see it done so that more buyers would place larger orders. Fiverr would lose the processing fee, though, so though small it reduces their revenue. In the meantime, as a buyer you might think about some small easy service you could sell just to get direct funds. You have good written communication skills which is a plus on Fiverr.

You would have multple up sides. You could use your revenues to buy on Fiverr with no processing fees. If you didn’t use the funds up you could withdraw them to spend elsewhere. On the other hand, wheras if you could load money to your account it would probably be treated like refunds or coupon credit which has to be used on Fiverr. Just some things to think about. :slight_smile:

Reply to @jim_takacs: You too!

Reply to @yourguidetoseo: I believe the shopping cart fixes that, although I have ordered gigs only 1 at a time.