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Money is not transfering to PayPal account

Hi, When I initiate the process of withdrawal, email comes from fiverr for confirmation. After Going through link of withdrawal confirmation, fiverr shows that money is successfully sent to your PayPal account. But it still remain in my fiverr account.

I have waited more than 3 days, and requested again, but same thing happens. I’m unable to understand that what’s the problem? My PayPal account is ready for any transaction, but still money is not transfering to my account. Any suggestion please…


Hey @tshrgood1.
I am facing this same issue.

I have contacted fiverr support, they said there’s No problem from their side. Please Contact PayPal support team.
So, I tried to contact paypal, twice. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:
Sadly, Both time I got the same reply. They just sent me some FAQ list.

I don’t know may be you just contact both support team and see if it works !!!:thinking::thinking:

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Hey axay, actually, this is not problem!

There is no mistake in fiverr side.

Actually, you have not entered your purpose code for receiving payments in the PayPal. Because of it, whenever you try to transfer money to PayPal, the PayPal immediately rejects the transaction and hence, it fails!

So solution is very simple, just Google or YouTube it as how to set the purpose code in PayPal or contact the PayPal customer care service to get help immediately!!!