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Money making methods

Has anyone found a money making method that works? I seen a lot people claim that they have methods to make $1000 a week or a day. Do you guys know any top selling gigs that do so?

If you browse through the forums, you’ll find that the sellers who most often are begging for help making sales usually sell gigs that promise a “guaranteed income” of up to hundreds of dollars a day, or they “guarantee” traffic to your URL, or their articles/marketing methods “guarantee” high SEO results, quality backlinks, no-work income blah, blah, blah.

They can’t make any sales themselves and beg other people to tell them what to do, yet they want people to buy their gigs with the promise that the buyers will make sales?? Ridiculous.

Here’s a bit of advice: anytime you see anything which sounds too good to be true. it is.

My gigs are very flexible money makers. It’s easy to make a couple $ daily without any effort, but it’s scalable to even that $1000 a week. Would just require tons more time, although it can be outsourced. Only requirements would be a website that you own and have control over. Though even a free blogger blog works.