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Money-Mindset webinar w/ Kontist

A positive Money-Mindset is the prerequisite for your successful financial planning.
You can find out how to master your finances independently and build up a helpful Money-Mindset in our webinar! We partner with Kontist, a German Freelancer Banking Provider and the online event will be on 25.08. at 6 pm.

You will learn why a positive attitude towards money can be very useful for self-employed people and which are the important pillars of financial planning.

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Link to registration:


Hmm, so I went to the registration page and everything is in German. I assume this is for German-speakers only?

:pager:Paging @miiila are you attending this event? :sunglasses:


I guess it is, probably makes sense too, to do such things for specific countries, depending on how specific it gets. It says that the speaker from Kontist is a learned tax advisor, and tax-related things differ depending on the country, some other aspects too.

Tuesday, I’m away, though, and not sure when I’ll be back home, the trains haven’t been very reliable lately.


Train was on time and I made it, Nika. It was in German, yes. And pretty good, and the panelist came across as knowledgeable, likeable, relatable even, too, when he gave away some personal experiences. Topics were how to calculate your hourly rate as a freelancer (a spreadsheet for that will be shared among the attendees too), whether to base it on your expenses or not, whether to start with lower prices and then increase, and related things.
Hoping for another webinar with Melchior, I’ll certainly attend again if possible.