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Money Missing From Account


Hey gang

I went to bed last night with 197$ in my account and I woke up to 161$.
I didn’t refund anyone or made a purchase.

Anyone experienced this before?


Contact CS ASAP!


Actually I found out what happened.

Some client that I delivered to 3 weeks ago decided to file a PayPal dispute and the money went from cleared to cancelled.

The funny thing is it doesn’t seem to be canceled trough the Fiverr platform.

They never requested a revision or anything… just cancelled.


so now the buyer have your works and got the money back too…
I just hate this system.


It seems like there is nothing I can do about it.


that is true… :frowning:


I’ve had four of those this month.


WOW! That’s bad…


They’re going to have to change this system sooner or later. Mind you, I look at how another platform handles it and it’s the same thing, so <shrug>, plus nobody seems to care enough to unionize and/or lobby.


Did you contact CS at Fiverr and asked for help on this matter?


It’s not changeable. It’s a necessary evil to have services like Paypal and get people to use them. Fiverr will always make us take our share of the loss while they take theirs. A certain amount of loss goes with any business.


Hey, your rates are fair, I wouldn’t worry about it, happens to the best of us, cheers! :smiley:



Same happened before 3 days