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Money missing from my completed orders

I have been writing to customer support. I have 11 completed orders. Yet my account balance only shows $24.00, no other funds waiting to clear. I should have $44.00 has anyone every had this issue. 5 of my orders although completed still shows. “order in review” If my math is correct 11 completed orders x $4.00 should be 44.00

Customer Service says nothing is wrong. Yet I am missing $20.00. And some of my orders still say order in review not funds cleared.


I might be wrong on this, however, might your remaining revenues not still be showing as upcoming earnings. I can’t see on your image. However, look to the top right for ‘upcoming earnings.’ It is possible that your delivered orders have not yet been marked as complete by your buyers. In this case, funds won’t show as pending until they do or your orders are automatically marked as complete.

That said, this is only a guess. Also, the upcoming earnings section can be a bit buggy. In this case, maybe manually go through your delivered orders and see if they are still waiting to be marked as complete?