Money Not Clearing as Expected? [ARCHIVED]


Usually payment for my completed orders clear in exactly two weeks on the date specified on the side in the revenues section. However, 2 of my payments have went over the two week mark. Has the two week clearance of funds changed? This is the first time I have had this happen. I have heard of this happening to sellers who get a lot of sales each month but never experienced this first hand until now. Is it safe to assume that once your orders increase it takes longer than 2 weeks for your funds to clear? Usually, this would not be an issue but I was expecting this money to clear on schedule.


Reply to @kjblynx:

Yes under there the date has passed in which they stated the orders would be cleared and the bar is all the way blue. However, it still says clearing. I have more funds that are supposed to clear tonight so I guess I have to see how that goes.


@victoria91 I feel your pain. I’ve actually contacted support about this. I’m experiencing a similar issue, but it seems the funds clear a day or two later than what they are supposed to. It’s very frustrating, especially since I’m already waiting 14-17 days for the money to clear and now I have to wait an extra two days because the system seems to be messed up. I’m currently waiting for $96.00 to clear (was supposed to clear yesterday but didn’t) and now I have another $100.00 that is supposed to clear today. We’ll see how it goes.


While waiting for my money to clear, the money disappeared from my account.


Haven’t had that, but for some reason, today, my pending clearance screen is still showing things from Feb. 10 - a good six orders didn’t clear yesterday which should have. I have another eight coming through today - a bit odd, I’m wondering if there were too many? They certainly don’t all drop at a certain time, though it seems like they’re usually all in by five thirty pm. MST USA.


I had the same question, that is why I am here! I have never had a problem with the payment clearing on time…I had one that was supposed to clear yesterday and one today! I hope I get them! :open_mouth:


me to! no wonder I got the email saying they were back logged, glad its not just me. Also not letting me submit offers!


Perhaps the payment delays have something to do with the new Bitcoin for buyers thing. This place has a big tendency to roll out new ‘features’ without much concern for if or how it might effect existing processes.

Submit a support ticket and try to be patient.


I was paid. It just took an additional two days. Not sure what happened but the money will clear.


this is really frustrating. i have been waiting to be paid from the 4th of June and today is the 7th of June, so that is 3 days longer. if i go one more day of not seeing the money added to my account i feel like im going to go crazy. I will have to see.


With same with me. This gig was suppose to clear today but it still says clearing… first time this has happened. Is it possible I won’t get paid for this gig at all. Very frustrating since the wait is already pretty substantial


Reply to @nseal001: I had the same problem once but when you go to revenues and you click on “pending clearance” you will see it. I hope that helps.


I had some that just cleared today but those were all 3-4 days late.


I was on Fiverr one day and then logged on the next and a large sum from my pending balance disappeared around $300 dollars I have contacted Fiverr support and they sent me an automated message and haven’t got back to me for 3 days ???


This is a different topic. The OP was talking about a minor delay she experienced that happened in 2014. If you search the forums you’ll find that there is a current issue involving revenues that don’t add up. Read those threads and or add to those.


My payments is supposed to clear on 27 feb .and i am still waiting


The 27th February hasn’t finished yet! Be patient - it’ll clear soon!