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Money Paid But Video Not Delivered


Hi, who can we lodge complaint if we had paid but the video is not delivered?


You can can request a cancellation when they deliver the work. If they never deliver, the order time will run out and then at that point you can choose to cancel.


Hi,just told the seller u haven’t received the video file.he will resent it.migjt be there’s bug in site.its happened with me before.


Like others have said: ask the seller to send the video again (bugs really happen here, two days ago a buyer couldn’t open a simple document that worked perfectly fine on my side), and if that fails, go to the Resolution Center on the order page and request a cancellation. If that can’t be done for whatever reason, submit a ticket to Customer Support:


Do give the seller the benefit of the doubt but make sure to click the “Request Modification” button.
I had a seller forget to send a file to me today and they sent it a couple of hours later. It happens.
By requesting a modification, you stop the order from Auto-Completing and so the seller will not be paid until you accept the order after they deliver it.


As a seller, I did this today! I had two documents to load and only uploaded one.
I wrote out my whole delivery message saying I had delivered both and everything.
Thankfully they did exactly what you requested and I just resent it within the hour, but still the panic was there.