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Money refunded to buyer after 15 days of order completion

Well I have done work for one of the client .He placed 16 orders he gave me positive rating everything was ok.and today I checked my balance its saying -88 and in pending everything thing have been refunded even that user does not exist may be he have deleted his account and because of that my order
cancellation have gone to 54% thats unfair he got the product he wanted and he just disappeared there should be something these guys could do I know my money could not be refunded but at least they could fix my order ratings.
Anyone here can help me with this issue! please !!
here are the details:
client name: ********

It is unlikely this can be fixed. The client probably used stolen payment info or filed a chargeback. In either case, Fiverr would have refunded the money to the payment account and banned the user. You may contact Customer Support if you wish. Read the forum rules before posting again.

oh ! Thankyou.