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Money refunds after order completion

Why does fiverr accept money refunds after the order is completed? I really don’t understand why fiverr can’t fix it. Is anybody here to explain it or you can suggest how to fix this problem.


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Could you elaborate, please? Do you mean the order was cancelled? If so, was it cancelled by the Buyer or by Fiverr?

Order was cancelled after 20 days of completion the order. even after I transferred money in my local bank. How is that possible?

Fiverr informed you via email and a reason for it. Most of the time when it happens, a buyer chargebacks and keeps the money. Fiverr can’t really protect against fraud and chargebacks, but most of the time you get compensated the same sum of money from Fiverr itself.



IF it was a chargeback:

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Yeah, but it’s kinda harassment

and taking money from new orders

Same thing happen to me.

Client places two orders. Gives 5 starts. Then, 2 weeks later, he has fight with me about some other issue, goes back and cancels orders.

Takes refund.

I was shocked too. But, you know, it’s policy. You cannot fight policies. It’s like when I am staying in a guest’s house. Guest rules, we must follow.

I even got TOS warning because client claimed work was never delivered. I sent him files offline, and that was my mistake. So, in a way, it is my mistake.

My suggestion is

  1. Ensure all files are sent on Fiverr (even if customer takes files on Google Drive or some other method).
  2. Ask multiple times, if order is completed to satisfaction. Make the client reply and confirm.
  3. Only then, go for order completion.
  4. Some clients (like this one) insisted on using his own Zoom links. Those things never get registered on Fiverr. He wanted to record our calls, so he did not want to use Fiverr Zoom. In that case, after the discussion call, send message on Fiverr, and confirm the discussion. If possible, upload a “minutes of meeting” document and ask client to confirm.

But, even after all this, customer may still claim a order cancellation and refund. That, I dont know what to do. I am clueless as it happened to me this week, and I am not sure what to do.

It’s just policy. we have to follow the policy. When you create account, you agree to follow policy.


Thank you so much for your helpful reply