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Money sent to Paypal. I didn't request withdrawal

The money is on my Paypal acc, that’s ok. The thing is- I didn’t request the payment. Anyone here experienced something similar? Should I be worried?



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Yes you should be worried. Change your password and contact customer support ASAP


Thank you SO much, I will do that!

Your welcome! Hope it gets solved

I had that happen about one month ago. I was quite surprised. I don’t know how or why it happened.

I didn’t change anything after it happened since I see it went to my Paypal account. If it was a hacking attempt it failed unless they change the Paypal account associated with my fiverr account.

I assume to change the payment account on fiverr, a code would be sent to my phone or some other security feature would kick in, hopefully. I’m still not sure what happened.

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Nothing to be worried here. I think I know why it is happening and only spammers and scammers need to worry about it. Great job by the Fiverr administration :clap::clap:

This is something that is being done to keep the spammers and scammers away from here and we should be happy about it as it is only intended to make honest and righteous sellers to grow.

Edit: Even though (if intentionally done by Fiverr) it is meant to drive the spammers away, if you are a genuine and honest seller, don’t wait a second to contact the Customer Support if the same has resulted in any or might result in any sort of negative consequence to you.

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Would you enlighten us, please? :slight_smile:

If someone characterized as a potential scammer contacts you, the balance from your fiverr acc is withdrawn to your paypal?

Sorry sir, I cannot. For two reasons, first: I am not certain whether it is a bug or being done intentionally, second: Even if it is being done intentionally, disclosing why it is being done would make the spammers vigilant.

Please contact the Fiverr Customer Support or post it in the Bug section if you think it may harm you.

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No that doesn’t happen. I’m not sure what he means… :slight_smile:


Why would fiverr do that? you mean they are manually sending sellers money to their Paypals without prior intimation to save them from scammers? Really?

Maybe there is a lunatic scammer on the loose :crazy_face: and the only way to protect sellers is to send their money :money_with_wings: to Paypal before the scammer gets to them. If so, I applaud :clap: fiverr for their pro-active stance. :+1:

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No, it isn’t so and I am not sure whether it is sarcasm (which I expected enough).

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I didn’t mention who they are protecting and I would not like to ellaborate anymore here. If you think it is a bug (75% chances are it is a bug), then post it there on the bug section or contact the customer support and if it turns out that it is being done deliberately, then it is a great endeavor by the admins of Fiverr.

What are you smoking exactly? If Fiverr wants to save us all from scammers by crediting out Paypal accounts automatically, I’d like to know so that I can remove my Paypal account and keep withdrawing as I like to my Payoneer account which I opened with Fiverr to save on fees.

If you know something or have read something that other people have missed, share.

If you haven’t and are just trying to strike a pose as someone in the know, think about the consequences of what you are doing. It’s not clever and it’s not helpful at all to anyone.


I won’t share anything further. Read my posts again and if you are not able to understand what I am trying to convey (which I know you won’t), end the discussion then and there. And I DON’T smoke. Never did and I guess, never will.

Your posts convey a suggestion that you have some kind of insider knowledge. I want to know if you actually do or if there is some official statement from Fiverr outlining this?

I like the mysterious nature of this and the idea of a secret arrangement by fiverr to protect us.

They would need to be bypassing the system where we are first sent an email to click on a link to initiate the transfer of our funds to Paypal. Apparently he is implying that our passwords or accounts were breached, and fiverr is arranging to transfer our funds to us in a way to bypass the surreptitious theft by hackers of our funds.

I’m sure this isn’t the case but that’s what reininfinite seems to be implying. It’s irresponsible to put this out on the forum though and preposterous.

I’m sorry but this is a serious security issue which would need to be officially announced. This is basically saying that my email and all associated accounts are compromised, including Paypal. That’s a pretty big thing.

Edit: Maybe a Mod could calify this for everyone???

No that isn’t what happened. I made all that up to try to explain what was being implied.
I’m not worried about it although I did wonder how money got transferred to my Paypal account, but sometimes I do things while I’m half asleep and don’t remember doing it.

I never heard about this being an automated process and it does sound strange. OP should reach out to CS for clarification. It might be a technical glitch so @md0000 please report it.