Money stolen from my fiverr account!


Two days back. When I opened fiverr in my browser for regular activity, I saw my current account is nil. I contacted with support and provided all required information’s they asked. After checking all info they said they can’t back the money into my account. Because it was stolen by a hacker and sent to a paypal account. And they have limitations to report anything with paypal. I request them from each and every corner. But they told me their limitations in this process.

But there is no solution to this issue ?

Won’t I ever get my money back ?

Hackers will keep stealing money from this community ?

If yes, so what is the function of security team here ?

I’m seeking help from any expert from this community. Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you.



No one can help you as Fiverr policy clearly mentions that Fiverr will not fight against any dispute/chargebacks & also will not fight for unauthorised transactions.

And at the time of signup we all accepted that policy so we have to accept the fact that money lost can’t be recovered.

Please be strong & continue working with same sprit. GOD will help you.


i was surprised when i read your post. its not possible for any hacker to stole money from your account… But if yes then kindly check your registered email id & your paypal id. because no one could use two paypal accounts with one Fiverr Account.

These are some tips from my side to reassured that some hacker stole your money or anyone else :frowning:

Sanmeet Singh


Yes no two people can use same paypal id. But one single paypal account can be associated with 8 different email id.

Also if you had linked your account & then your amount was stolen then the possibilites are:

  1. The hacker had access to your Fiverr account & registered Email id.

  2. He monitored your movements for some days. Like when you are mostly online & your time zone.

  3. So when you are not online or at late night when you are sleeping he logged in to your account & email id & requested to changed your Paypal id 7 successfully changed it & deleted all the confirmation that you got from Fiverr about the account updates.

  4. Also after the update the hacker has to wait for 24 hours to get the amount withdrawn. But as I told you above point that he monitored your movements closely & was knowing when you withdraw the amount maybe after 15 days interval or starting of the month or ending of the month.

So he was sure you will not visit the revenue page as you were not having any clue about this suspicious activity as all the evidences were deleted.

And after 24 hours hacker successfully withdrawn all your hard earned money.


I think Fiverr should add additional security features (2FA). At this moment we only have a security question in place. At this moment it seems safer to withdraw it immediately to your PayPal account :slight_smile:


You should be using 2-3 security question. Why aren`t you?

A note to everyone reading this-

If you don’t have any security questions-
Put some now before it`s too late!

Have some security questions-
Time to put some more! LOL


Did you get any message on Fiverr or your registered mail account saying you need to update your password or update your profile? I got such years ago and it took me to a site looks alike Fiverr login page but when I saw the URL it was different. Similarly got such phishing email about Paypal as well. So, please verify and be alert about such phishing emails. Secondly, when someone withdraw money from Fiverr, he/ she need to click on the confirmation email sent to their registered email ID. So, how the hacker got both info??


Weeell, to the last one, one possible (only too possible, though of course it might not be the case here of course) to that is that many many people use the same password for many things. :wink:

edit: okay, I just remembered that fiverr security-wise at least only displays the 1st and last sign of your e-mail, so that would take someone who doesn´t only use the same passwords for two critical things, but also uses an e-mail that´s guessable from their fiverr name, so it´s really rather improbable, still, people, you know, but in any case:

Another security tip for anyone reading this (don´t want to imply that you did it, OP!): do not use the same password for different accounts,
and maybe, if you want to be extra careful, don´t use an e-mail that´s guessable, especially for accounts that aren´t as nice as fiverr and display your whole e-mail.


2FA is a good solution. They still have lot of bugs on site.

Don’t give up buddy @habib1jnu


Yes, I understand. But it was stolen from my fiverr account. So, they should help me out of this. Because the security and safety of my money here should be ensured from fiverr authority. At least I can expect a notification about this unusual withdrawal from my account. I think fiverr authority should take care of this.

And thanks for your good wish.

Thank you.



Yes, I have no paypal added to my account. I only use fiverr revenue card for withdrawal. And the hacker used this scope to steal my money.

I contacted with support and they have changed the hackers paypal and added my one now.

Thank you.


Did they tell you how the hacker was able to change your payment method without you getting an e-mail on it?

Hope you´ll get your money back and all will end well!


Yes exactly. May be the hacker monitored my full activity. And he stole money when I usually go offline.

And I’m astonished when I saw my money stolen from my account. And it was done using a paypal account. Because I don’t have any paypal added to my account. I used fiverr revenue card to withdrawal my amount from here.

Thank you.


No, I didn’t get any email from fiverr about this activity. Actually I didn’t have any paypal added with my account. I only use fiverr revenue card for withdrawal. The hacker added a paypal with my account and stole my money.


I only have one security question option. And I added it at the time of my account creation.

Thank you.


Yes, you are correct. I used same password for all my things. And this costs me a lot. I will be careful from now.

Thank you.


Yes, I had conversation with support and my success manager. I notified them with their problems. I hope they will work on it and will improve their security tactics for the users.

Thank you technopluslk1


I am pretty sure this was an inside job. Just be careful in the future who you discuss your business with. :man_with_turban:

Unfortunately, I doubt Fiverr will reimburse the disbursed amount to you.


Yes, be careful, even with accounts one thinks aren´t ‘critical’ money-wise it can become a very sad experience, I know someone who lost their gmail account because of a hacker, and they couldn´t prove to google that it was their account, no money lost but still very inconvenient.
Maybe some really nice orders will come your way now to make up for the loss! :slight_smile:


Yes, I will be very careful from now. And I think fiverr will help me with their best.