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Money taken no service

I ordered a service off fiver the first time a error came up saying contact bank and I tried a different card same error

I look at both bank accounts and both payments gone through my fiverr account says no order went through and no balance in my account so I want money back is this normal? Or can can anyone help

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Have you already filed a ticket?

Hi Thanks for reply I have no reply yet will I get my money back or should I go to bank

How long ago was that? Replies from CS can take a fair bit of time.

About 2 hours ago I’m prob better off getting onto bank so if they take ages :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

Did you reach out to the Seller and ask if they got the order? It might be a visual bug.

Hi seller said he got nothing which is sickening I can’t send money again because that’d be a third transaction they’d take :open_mouth:

Try to not panic. :slight_smile: It will all work out fine because Fiverr customer support will be able to see if there has been a payment problem and they will reimburse you.

You may not be aware that at the point of ordering, your funds do not go to the seller, so they are held safe even if it’s a massive headache to have them missing from the bank.

They are held in escrow by Fiverr, and stay in escrow until the seller has delivered a satisfactory project. If the seller has indeed not received an order (and if the payment was duplicated also), you will receive both payments refunded–or maybe customer support will assist you to place the order you hoped to have made.

I think Fiverr will respond quite quickly to this. I hope so.

If contacting your bank, be very careful that you do not mistakenly pull funds back from Fiverr if there is any chance an order WAS placed–this could result in you losing your Fiverr account because that could come across as a fraudulent purchase.

So the safest method of redress is first of all via Fiverr Customer Support using a help (support) ticket.

Best wishes!


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Hi guys update fiver returned my money thank god I still don’t know what the problem was but I got it anyway thank god :open_mouth:

Thanks everyone for yer help ye where great



That is really great news! You must feel that a weight has been lifted off you. Now you can go spend. : )

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