Money that doesn't leave my account?


A while back, I had placed an order, and had to cancel because the seller was unresponsive (several days after delivery date, no product/service, no contact, etc) and the money seemed to go back into my fiverr account. I now have a lingering $4 on my account that does not go away. I have tried reverting it back to my paypal, but it won’t. I just bought another gig for a different service, will the $4 on my account go toward this new order, or will it all be pulled from paypal?


If it was a refund there should be 5. I would wait until next withdraw and the 4 is still there then contact support as it might be a display error or some other glitch.


I would still contact Customer Support as it should $5 total. But you won’t get it back into your Paypal. Any time an order is cancelled and money is returned to the buyer, it is return as “Fiverr Credit.” You can use it to purchase another gig here on Fiverr but you won’t be able to withdraw it.

(I know it sucks but it’s to protect us sellers from people purchasing a gig, getting delivery, then cancelling the order. They are less likely to do so if they are only going to get Fiverr Credit back. Some believe, and I’m inclined to agree, that it would be nice if the refund was a “real” refund and not just credit if the order was cancelled prior to delivery. If it’s cancelled after delivery, then make it credit.)


Seems like if the initial payment was made from fiverr revenue then you can withdraw the refund. At least for me it has worked that way!


I’m not sure what it does in that case. I was under the impression that once it is used to buy a gig no matter where it came from, be it a paypal withdrawal or Fiverr revenue, it could not be withdrawn back out of Fiverr if that order is cancelled.

@bachas85 or @kjblynx can we get a ruling over here?


@kjblynx @theslackjaw odd, had to check and yep i did get the funds. After withdrawing my balance was back to 0


The refunded order was so long ago, I don’t know why it is that amount… It may have been much more, but I made a purchase afterwards that dipped into the credit.

I’ll wait for my recent order to clear, and see if my fiverr credit is accepted, otherwise I guess I’ll have to contact CS.


I have the same problem. I cancelled this order and the $5 just sits there. This was almost a year ago. I gave up a while back trying to get help from fiverr. It seems almost impossible to get any kind of dialogue going with their support team.

It’s only $5 and I know I’m just going to end up buying a gig with it (which is what fiverr wants), but still, it’s the principle




Reply to @kjblynx: is fiverr support finally making an appearance in the community?!?!


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the assist!

Cue Rainbow and the “The More You Know” music.

…yes I’m too lazy to look up the pic and attach it…


Reply to @bachas85: Awesome, thanks for info!

I’m surprised it isn’t outlined anywhere. Or more likely, it is and I haven’t found it yet which is not a surprise at all.

Thanks again!


Hey, just an update if anyone was still curious.

I was talking to CS about another order I needed to cancel, so now I have $9 instead of the initial $4. They said because it wasn’t exactly $5, the fiverr credit would basically never leave my account. Now that I have more, whether I buy something that requires shipping, or a digital delivery, it should take the money from there (credit). Whatever I have left over from my total credit, I will need to start a customer service request, and they can transfer the remaining credit to my revenue balance, which can then be transferred to Paypal (minus $1 fee, of course).