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Money Transfer tips required?

We all the know the fact that Fiverr does not allow the money to be transferred back to your account if it it is once transferred to Fiverr if due to some reason you have to cancel the order.

But I have question here. Keep this in mind that I am a seller and a buyer as well. If i buy a gig from my revenue (which I earned on Fiverr) and have not transferred to payoneer account and then I have to cancel the order. Does Fiverr allow again to put that in my revenue or Fiverr again freezes that money not to be transferred to Your account.

Need help quickly and sincerely

thanks :-??

No But they are not showing anywhere… I think you don’t have any experience regarding this… So Please Let someone experienced one clear my query

If you cancel an order, the money is refunded to your account in terms of Fiverr credits.

Why do you need to know this quickly? What is the problem?

I usually always buy with my fiverr revenue - and my orders had to be cancelled a few times because the buyers I chose were busy… so far, I have always been able to withdraw every single cent. None of my $$ has ever got stuck in fiverr.

I ordered a gig a few weeks ago and paid with my revenues. The seller wasn’t able to finish it, and the order was cancelled. The money was added back to my revenues balance, and I could withdraw it in the usual way.

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: Fine. The answer I offered you had no misinformation in it, but it was removed to please you.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
So how actually are the credits handled? I remembered that I wrongly purchased a gig on the mobile app once using my seller’s revenue, so I needed to mutually cancel it. But the refund seemed to be back to my revenue and I could withdraw it later.

I’m not so sure whether this has changed.

Reply to @willpower_hk: The way Fiverr words it to date indicates that it depends where the funds are. Some sellers use custom quotes to let people split up payment and buy out of external payment sources, shopping balance and revenue balance. You probably know that part from experience. :slight_smile: So, Fiverr puts it like this:

“If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the funds paid will be refunded to the buyer’s shopping balance. If your Gig was purchased with cleared revenue, the funds will return to your revenue balance. Your total account balance (revenue + shopping) can be found next to your username on the top menu in the right corner.”

So, to my understanding if you bought the entire gig out of the revenue balance, a cancel would return there. In the help text they don’t state outright that it can be withdrawn as usual, but they dont say you cannot either. I would assume that any portion in the Revenue balance can be withdrawn but not any portion (if any) that is in the shopping balance. I haven’t tried it myself in a long time, so I can only quote.

I don’t know what the OP means by “they aren’t showing anywhere” since his top post seemed to indicate that he is contemplating a purchase but hasn’t made one yet. He doesn’t want any info that I have or could find out. But, I hope the quote helps with your question and I’m going to try to get confirmation on what isn’t stated clearly in case the question comes up in another thread.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Thanks for your clear explanation. As for the OP, probably he should consult Customer Support instead of asking a question in the forum then denying an experienced Fiverr seller and forum sheriff’s help. >:D<

Reply to @willpower_hk: Indeed. In the meantime, now that it’s a time of day I can reach some others, I have a confirmation on what isn’t said in the help file. Since you are interested, I’ll get out of Mr. OP’s thread. I can PM the info to you if that all right.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Sure. Please feel free to do so. Probably it’ll help as I’m currently buying some gigs using my revenue. Thanks.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Sure thing.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thank you

Reply to @fonthaunt: You have taken my comment totally wrong. i always appreciate your hard work you put in to collect the information and solve our problems and sometimes guide us the the right way to use the forum (in my case always love to post everything in “Tips of sellers”). I apologize this anyway. But Actually I want comment like @xpertmarketer and @belengarcia to help me with their real stories.

thank you

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: Please don’t apologize for doing things you shouldn’t (like putting all your personal requests in Tips) if you are just going to keep doing it. I haven’t taken your comment wrong. It is a public forum. If you want answers from only certain people or in privacy, use Customer Support or contact those sellers directly. There is no need to be rude.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I was not rude

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: I disagree, but it is not important. Good luck!