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Money Transfer to India

I am a new seller.
I have already checked this forum, but latest post regarding “money transfer to India” is about two years old.
Which would be the most economical/ convenient way to transfer my earning in Fiverr to my account in India.
Is it economical to transfer large amount or is the rate same for any amount?
Should we opt PayPal or Bank Transfer?
Does all the bank in India charge same and give the same conversion rate?
Please help.

Hope you are doing good.
I would suggest Bank Transfer with Payoneer is better than Paypal.
Paypal charges more than Payoneer…

I am agree with @itechoza
Bank Transfer with Payoneer is good option for transfer money

@itechoza Thanks for the Info.
But the withdrawal option shows Pay Pal and Bank Transfer only. No Payoneer. May be I am missing something. Let me check it once.
I read some review that mentions in Payoneer India one can withdraw $200 or more. Is this correct?

@vvgediya: Thank you very much.

Yes, Once you select Bank Transfer, it will ask you for create an account in payoneer. Fiverr itself not transferring money to your bank account.

@itechoza Thanks for the info.